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Analytical Services

This is about scientifically supported optimization

Determination of your current condition in relation to your health and performance. Modern methods such as heart stress measurement or muscle oxygen measurement are used.

Even before Covid, it was often easier to do the test at home rather than driving somewhere, not to mention that the performance will probably be better if you can get off the couch for the test and into your own shower afterwards. Our mobile lab makes it possible.

As individual as you are, tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and especially your time budget. You almost don't have to worry about training anymore, you're taken care of right down to strength training and stretching.

On site or mobile, we help you to bring your power to the road, while comfort remains a very important factor for non-professionals. Detailed pre-examinations, measurement in real time and then accurate transfer to the wheel lead to a new cycling experience.

We are able to measure exactly how you can reach the finish line faster without having to invest huge sums in new equipment. Since we test close to reality, what do you get out of the data that was determined at 50 km/h, valuable and surprising insights arise.

No show but real help, we don't make cool shots and show you your mistakes, we make you feel how it must feel right. Through the endless pool the trainer can observe you ideally and additionally correct you by radio without breaks in real time.

Our modern running analysis uses sensors to precisely determine all relevant factors and compares them with a worldwide database. This results in massive advantages compared to a video recording.

Other services

As an all-round provider around the endurance sport we offer much more

Everything for triathletes, runners and cyclists, our motto is quality over quantity. We do not have 10x the best running shoe, but products that are hand-picked and tested by us and used ourselves.
Of course - always with the necessary service, with running shoes is an analysis with you is properly run (not on the treadmill) of course.

Whether the normal maintenance, annoying problems or the complete rebuild of a bicycle, with us you are right. Thanks to modern equipment and no brand ties, we can handle almost any problem.

Support instead of correcting, the latter only when necessary, whether in everyday life, cycling or running shoes, we simply help you not to strain unnecessarily. We offer a full range of prefabricated insoles that fit your foot type, sensorimotor insoles and custom-made insoles.

Of course, with in-house endless pool pool a must, here you can test your new product in detail and compare. In contrast to the classic neoprene test swim with as many participants as possible, you are the center of attention and have the full attention of the expert.

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If you have any questions about our services or need help in any way contact our team - we are happy to help!


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