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Endless Pool

Training, Technical drills or wetsuit testint - all in house

Swimming technique training

45min individual technique training in our endless pool, our most intensive form of technique training!

Because you swim on the spot, there are unique opportunities for the coach because he does not have to run next to the pool, there are no changes of perspective, you can look from all sides and from above ...

After a warm-up where the coach gets a first impression of your technique, the exercises start immediately. The main faults that hinder your swimming performance the most are tackled and worked through with an ever-increasing degree of difficulty.

At the end you leave the pool with the feeling how it must feel when the execution is correct, because one thing is clear, no one swims intentionally wrong and most have a rough idea how it should look, but you implement it differently than you think.
In addition, people often work on completely subordinate errors which are more cosmetic in nature, so it is essential that you get the feeling of what to do, and that is different for you than for anyone else.

The pool is also excellent for all other purposes, e.g. reduce the time spent on your swim training considerably by doing it in the counter-current pool controlled by the computer. So you are 100% of the workout in the ideal range, the effect is so high that 30-40% of the time spent so far for the swim training can be saved according to experience.

Also wetsuits for triathletes can be tested so ideally and extensively, the difference between once tried on and swum 15min is then but often enormous.

Just two prices for maximum transparency


35 €

Members are customers in ongoing training support, these get price advantages for diagnostics, altitude training and Bike-Fit measurements. 

Non - Members

40 €

Non-members are clients who are not in ongoing training support.

Make an appointment

For a swim- or swim technique training it is of course necessary to make an appointment for briefing and, if necessary, preliminary examination. You can make the appointment by calling 02302-28946 -40/41 or requesting below

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If you have any questions about our services or need help in any way contact our team - we are happy to help!


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