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Trainbettershop NRW

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Retail Store in Witten

We are also available on site so that our customers can enjoy the complete service from a single source. Already 10 years ago, customers expressed the desire not "only" to be advised on their nutrition in the race, but to receive the products immediately and not have to order them laboriously. Also customers at the Bike-fit settings expressed the desire to have their bike converted directly and not have to visit a dealer for the necessary parts. All these wishes were taken into account, on almost 1000 square meters we now offer the endurance athlete everything from a single source, a comprehensive sale with selected accessories, counter-current pools in the store, for example, for neoprene test swimming, a large altitude training room of almost 100 square meters and a laboratory for performance diagnostics.

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How to get to the store

Below you can see the last meters to the store and training center, Westfeldstr. 56c in 58453 Witten (older navis enter 56a).

Make an appointment

For both locations, Bavaria and NRW, a personal appointment is of course necessary for a diagnosis. For appointments with our mobile unit, factors such as travel, etc. must be calculated additionally, you will then always receive an individual offer. You can make an appointment by calling 02302-28946 -40/41 or request an appointment below.

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If you have any questions about our services or need help in any way contact our team - we are happy to help!


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