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Our best Bike-Fit

We have always proceeded in a similar way to many others, and as in all areas, there are certainly many approaches where each bike fitter comes up with something different.

Of course, we are convinced of our method, it seems inconceivable to us with the possibilities we have today that there is someone we can not position on the bicycle so that he gets even more power in the pedals.

The first step was to decide not to do the Bike Fit on your own bike, this has the reason that a too strong restriction in possible positions is given, besides the operational sequence is characterized by constant interruptions ( athlete must dismount, it is again adjusted, if necessary immediately again in/arranged etc.), the question arises as to whether this might even change the athlete's movement if they do not warm up properly.
In addition we lacked the possibility "times evenly" again to a previous position to go back if the sportsman would like to compare again, one cannot make three older settings again millimeter-exactly undone when you use the own bike, even if one would seize these all (which causes further interruptions) almost every time frame would be blown up.
Finally it was also our goal to measure all the necessary data and not end up in a position where the bike fitter says that's it (because who will contradict the expert if he does not feel completely uncomfortable?!) because any angles or forces are right, but to have several options in addition to the best position and to be able to objectively document the difference between each and the others. Of course, this also includes to test several crank lengths , another criterion which speaks against the use of their own bicycle.

The correct position on the bike is an essential requirement to achieve maximum performance, the best way to put this into practice is always related to the most comfortable position for the individual.

Comfort = performance and comfort = fewer injuries.

Our goal is to exclude the subjective influences of our experts as far as possible, in the sense that even they do not make changes whose result is not verifiable or recognized.

Let's be honest, in training planning we always say it is not difficult to make at least athletes who are not yet at the end of their personal performance faster, the further this sinks, the easier it is. If at first still a sports student is enough, at the end already the experienced runner can bring the less good one further forward.

Attention, this does not mean that this is something good, often an improvement takes place simply by doing something different, I used to know a coach who just always let train extremely hard and much, also not right, but even with this you achieve short-term success.

Our qualification speaks for itself with a 1.0 pre-diploma in exercise science, here you are in good hands.

In a bike fit, you can improve the position of many people with a few basic things. Why? Well, for one thing, the athlete doesn't know any better, the fitter says so and you take it that way until you have the opportunity to try something better.

The experience is subjective, and therefore it is impossible for the participant to be objective.

We have no way of knowing in advance what might be "better" for the individual, subjectively, in terms of their bike position, because proprioception is experience, not learning. If you ride in a "bad" position for years and don't know any different because you never experienced a difference, you won't change anything.

Our approach: position changes during a repetition of task-related movements and optimize together through accurate measurements and feedback, with the goal of eliminating all processes/results that are not optimal.

Scope of services

Here it is important to anticipate that it is about an existing bike to optimize, there is no blueprint for a new bikel, if it is about a new bike, then our measurement and the construction to measure is included free of charge anyway.
The measuring bike gives am no data (eg stem length 100mm, seat tube angle 75 ° ...)) but dimensions, these are then converted by the fitter in a gauge on the existing bike.

For an additional charge, the result can be converted into a dimension sheet, this can then be used to build bicycles or for similar purposes.

  • Preliminary examination in general (body measurements, statics, foot shape, stability, mobility...)

  • Preliminary examination specific (leg length difference, foot angle, sighting wear marks on the current material...)

  • Alignment of the cleats and compensation of malpositions

  • Extensive positioning rides with multifaceted measurements (torque analysis, force progression, dead center analysis, body angle via sensors & recordings...)

  • Checking all positions, comparing the feel-good position with the one that offers the best performance, determining the final position together with you.

  • Millimeter-exact transfer of the position on your bicycle (assumed that this is so far adjustable, if not checking & agreement on what should be changed if necessary)

  • Final check with your bike on the roller trainer, if necessary fine-tuning of the brake handles and other small things

Select below the area of the Bike-Fit you would like to learn more about.

Just two prices for maximum transparency


199/229 €

Members are customers in ongoing training support, these get in the diagnostics, altitude training and Bike-Fit measurements price advantages. The surcharge applies to current Canyon Speedmax models because the integration in the area of handlebar / stem was made here in a way that the settings compared to other bicycles almost double regarding the time needed, please expect that it may take times 4h


230/260 €

Non-members are customers who are not in ongoing training support. The surcharge applies to current Canyon Speedmax models because the integration in the area of handlebar / stem was made here in a way that the settings compared to other wheels time almost doubled, please expect that it can take times up to 4h

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For both locations, Bavaria and NRW, a personal appointment is of course necessary for a diagnosis. For appointments with our mobile unit, factors such as travel, etc. must be calculated additionally, you will then always receive an individual offer. You can make an appointment by calling 02302-28946 -40/41 or request an appointment below.

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