Nutritional optimization

How should your training result in 100% without the right nutrition?

Optimally supplied during training & racing for best possible performance

Nutrition is another important cornerstone of successful athletic performance, so we offer an additional nutrition optimization for only 11,- per month. For each workout you will be given exactly the right amount of fluid and food intake, which drink fits which workout, in this workout a gel with or without caffeine and when is a recovery drink useful after the workout and when not - all this is listed in detail in the plan. So that we can advise you optimally, we are only able to give this exact information for products that we have in our assortment and use ourselves and are therefore very familiar with them, not for third-party products.

The area of nutrition is also one in which Hahn-Training-Systems has always stood for the best quality. Already in 2007 Carsten and Thomas drove to Düsseldorf airport to pick up 800 kilos of sports nutrition on pallets. Since they were not satisfied with the offer and did not want to offer their customers less than the optimum, they imported it themselves. This happened several times over the years, from the beginning we worked with experts or tested the products to ensure German labeling and quality.

Currently we work with 4Gold where we can offer a real top product from European production, at the end of 2022 we added Neversecondnutrition as second top product. The young and dynamic team comes in part and works with professional teams to constantly develop the products. Besides nutrition, the products you can find in Trainbettershop can also be implemented DNA analysis to ensure the best possible results far beyond health.

Power Package

  • Most chosen, 100% individual, 2 plan changes included every month regardless of size, service guarantee. A must if you want the plan to adapt to your life and not the other way around.

Premium Package

  • Optimal planning due to no restrictions, unlimited changes and 24h response guarantee ensure almost real-time support 1:1. The trainer can not be closer, through the automatic synchronization with your devices (running watches, bike computer...) the data is received almost in real time, extremely fast response times are the result.
    In addition to the weekly checks, abnormalities are immediately processed so that you can focus 100% on the training.

Plus Package

  • Planning is of course designed for continuous improvement, to capture this, regular performance tests are necessary. With the Plus option you not only have this included, your values are also recalculated race & training data.

Budget Plan

  • Absolutely focused on savings, pre-made plans for multiple goals.

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