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Individual training planning

Our planning is as individual as you are and will be tailored to your goals, your potential and your time budget

Award-winning training concept

In addition to the most important award, the personal successes of our athletes, the qualification as a certified sports instructor and the third place at the Triathlon World Championship, we were also able to convince in the area of support and win awards. Our health concept, which is based on the same individual approach as our individual training plans, won the Occupational Safety Oscar, the cross-industry sponsorship award of the BGRCI. An independent jury selected our concept from 331 projects out of 761 applicants, a special honor for Hahn-Training-Systems TM as we do not belong to the professional association of raw materials and chemical industry.

Unsere training planning - powered by

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Training packages and options

Power Package

Recommended for:
Any ambitious athlete who values the highest possible individualization, strives for a best performance, wants to have their recorded training data analyzed optimally with a patented system.
Not recommended if maximum flexibility, possibility of change and the optimum are sought

Plus Packages

Regular performance diagnostics at a special price are included here, so you don't have to worry about anything. For best performance, a Plus Package is the right choice. We offer these for individual sports as well as for triathletes. In addition, your zones are recalculated from training and race data even without testing

Nutritional optimization

Many athletes still ride with apple spritzer or even water through the area, try to mix drinks themselves and eat a Bütterchen on the way. In the field of nutrition in training and racing is extremely much potential, we help you with every training to exploit this

Premium Package

Recommended for:
Any ambitious athlete who values the highest possible individualization, strives for a best performance, wants to have his recorded training data analyzed optimally with patented system. Fastest possible change and best possible performance through weekly recalculation of data.


With the Gold-Membership you can get for the duration of your coaching attractive discounts on large parts of the assortment and benefit and benefit twice!

Budget Plans

Recommended for:
Beginners, weight reduction, athletes without heart rate monitor with data download option or without power meter. Plan from the trainer, no software!
Not recommended if training is more competition-oriented beyond the finisher thought or a wattmeter is used. 

Are you still doing sports - or are you already in training?

General information

All of our coaching packages are customized for each performance level and goal. Whether it's improved fitness, weight loss or individual best performance, you can choose any package for that. Hahn-Training-Systems has successfully coached athletes from weight loss to world championships - what can we do for you, what dream can we help you with?

Compare our prices, services and our qualification with any other company on the market, we are not afraid of any comparison!


  • Comprehensive all-in-one solution

  • Service warranty with money-back option

  • No contact and support restrictions in the Power and Premium package - take care when comparing

  • In all training packages regular checks of the completed training by the team of trainers

  • Simple - everything is done with one login, whether on the computer or mobile via app. Collect training plan, import data, enter appointments, communication...

  • Hahn-Training-Systems TM has used many systems (Web4Trainer, Trainingpeaks, Race Day Apollo, Today's Plan) and trusts Final Surge

  • !!! Important !!! No creation of plans by software but always by people who know what it's like to do sports

  • Automatic adjustment and optimization after the trainer has reviewed the data if necessary

  • Objective analysis as a protective measure against overloading and as quickly as possible adaptation through special load data analysis

  • Maximum amount of training possible without risking overload

  • Training load analysis by leading and partly patented systems

  • Import and evaluation of pulse and power files in state-of-the-art and partly patented software solutions for optimal load analysis & planning

  • Everything coordinated from a single source, parameters such as accompanying strength training planning integrated

  • Illustrated instructions for stretching

  • Own FAQ & help area with numerous articles around the training

  • Social Wall to get the newest information, connect with other athletes and ask for help

Power Package

  • Most chosen, 100% individual, 2 plan changes included every month regardless of size, service guarantee. A must if you want the plan to adapt to your life and not the other way around.

Premium Package

  • Optimal planning due to no restrictions, unlimited changes and 24h response guarantee ensure almost real-time support 1:1. The trainer can not be closer, through the automatic synchronization with your devices (running watches, bike computer...) the data is received almost in real time, extremely fast response times are the result.
    In addition to the weekly checks, abnormalities are immediately processed so that you can focus 100% on the training.

Plus Package

  • Planning is of course designed for continuous improvement, to capture this, regular performance tests are necessary. With the Plus option you not only have this included, your values are also recalculated race & training data.

Budget Plan

  • Absolutely focused on savings, pre-made plans for multiple goals.

Cancel training plans

Here you will find an online form which you can use for the cancellation of your training support.

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Contact details

If you have any questions about our services or need help in any way contact our team - we are happy to help!


Bavaria & NRW & Germany-wide